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2014 Curriculum Contest Winners

Microsoft Windows 2014 Open House Winners

One of the great things about SeniorNet is the dedication of our volunteers.

These winning centers curriculum was judged to be the best of the best in the United States. The curriculum demonstrated talent, creativity, and professionalism.

Not only did they create to meet the needs of their local community, but they are sharing with the entire SeniorNet family.

Contest awards included cash, books for the center libraries, banners, and collateral.

Winning SeniorNet Centers:

Winners: Aiken, SC; Huntington, NY; Manhattan, NY; Oklahoma City, OK

Runners-Up: Hot Springs, AR; Little Rock, AR; San Jose Willows, CA




Windows 8.1 Workshop by Rita Malloy


iPhone Workshops by Bill Baker

  • iPhone: Basic Settings and Operation
  • iPhone: Music and Apps
  • iPhone: Camera

iPad Workshops by Bill Baker

  • iPad: Basic Settings and Operations
  • iPad: E-Reader
  • iPad: Great Apps
  • iPad: Music

Android Smartphone Workshops by Rich Levitan

  • Android Smartphone: Settings, Navigation, Contacts, and Making Phone Calls
  • Android Smartphone: Emailing, Texting, Taking Pictures, and Gallery
  • Android Smartphone: Calendar, Browsing the Internet, and Maps
  • Android Smartphone: Music, Apps, and Widgets

Skype by Bob Kohler

Word 2013 by Moss Rawn

Access 2013 by Moss Rawn

Excel 2013 by Moss Rawn

PowerPoint 2013 by Diane Asser


Working With Digital Photographs on the Mac by Gordon Vaughan

Your iPad - Your Camera by Gordon Vaughan

Designing Business Cards by Muriel Mandell

Creating Animations by Muriel Mandell

Oklahoma City

Getting the Most Out of Your iPad by Bill James

Runners Up

Hot Springs

Learning iTunes Basics by John McFerrin

Syncing Music to an MP3 Player (iPod) and Playing Music via FM Radio by John McFerrin

Introduction to YouTube by John McFerrin

Introduction to the iPod and iTunes by John McFerrin & Bill Baker

Windows 8 Basics by Beverly Jackson

Maintaining Your Computer by Lena Creasy

File Management Workshop by Janet McDonnell

Handling Printer Problems by Beverly Jackson

E-Readers Workshop by Mary Booles

Downloading and Installing Programs From the Internet by Donovan Ball

Little Rock

Introduction to the Internet and Internet Explorer 9 by Diane Hughes

San Jose Willows

Creating Slideshows with PowerPoint 2010 by Luisa Garcia



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