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Click Here for Pictures and Videos from our 25th Anniversary Celebration on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C.

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SeniorNet Receives $122,500 "Cy Pres" Award


In 2010, Los Angeles Attorney David C. Parisi selected SeniorNet to receive a "Cy Pres" Award of $122,500, part of a $11.5 Million settlement.  See "Award Tab" for more details.

  • Bringing Technology Access...welcome-right

    SeniorNet's mission is to provide older adults education for and access to computer technologies to enhance their lives and enable them to share their knowledge and wisdom. Find out how you can become a part of SeniorNet and start enjoying the benefits of membership today!


    If you are looking for some help to learn new or enhance existing computer skills, you have found the right place. Welcome. Come on in and make yourself at home. SeniorNet is the nation’s most respected nonprofit organization that specializes in computer and Internet education for older adults. Since 1986, SeniorNet has empowered over one million Boomers and Seniors providing encouragement, lifelong learning opportunities and new worlds to explore via the Internet.

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Quinault Indian Nation
SeniorNet Learning Center

“We couldn’t be more thrilled to see our people use computers to enhance their quality of life. We also want to thank the volunteer tutors who give selflessly of their time to teach our tribe members – young and old. What the online world has to offer will be enlightening” said Fawn Sharp, chief of the Quinault Indian Nation.





2014 Microsoft Open House Contest Winners


One of the great things about SeniorNet is the dedication of our volunteers. The above pictures are the curriculum contest winners of the Microsoft Windows 2014 Open House.


Their curriculum (classroom instructional material) was judged to be the best of the best in the United States.  The curriculum demonstrated talent, creativity and professionalism.  


Contest awards included cash,  Microsoft books for the center libraries, banners, and Microsoft collateral. 


Winning SeniorNet Centers:


Aiken SC, Huntington NY, Manhattan NY, and Oklahoma City OK, Hot Springs AR, Little Rock AR, and San Jose Willows CA 


Click here to see the full list of curriculum submitted.


2013 & 2014 SeniorNet Donors




Thank you to all of our 2013 and 2014 donors! Your tax-deductible gifts allow us to continue our mission of "educating and empowering" Seniors.



2013 Donors 2014 Donors
Burns Apfeld Oshkosh, WI     J. Harrison Ager Cary, NC
Mesgana Araya San Jose, CA     Emily Ando San Jose, CA
Joan Beitz Las Vegas, NV     Anonymous Sacramento, CA
William Beville Springfield, MA     Marie Arpante New York, NY
Gary Boortz San Jose, CA     William Bidleman Cary, NC
Margo Branco Hilo, HI     Gary Boortz San Jose, CA
Lee Bray Tucson, AZ     Valerie Darling North Las Vegas, NV
Andrew Brennemann Ossining, NY     Ruth G. De La Parra La Mirada, CA
Carol Brink Rochester, NY     June Douglass Santa Clara, CA
Clifford Brown Peoria, IL     Adrienne Fields Washington, DC
Dana Brown Austin, TX     Dottie Francis La Mirada, CA
Nick Brown Silver Spring, MD     Judy Friedman Peoria, IL
Shirley Brown Brunswick, OH     Sueko Gushiken Honolulu, HI
Gerri Calore Johnson Bonita, CA     Edris Harbeston Bellevue, WA
Paul Camerer Sacramento, CA     Susan Kliavkoff Issaquah, WA
Roger Casey San Jose, CA     Lisa Krone-Schmidt La Mirada, CA
Gloria Cassel-Fitzgerald Peoria, IL     Alice Lilly New York, NY
Jeri Cerwinske Garland, TX     Reese Nank Scottsdale, AZ
Gilbert Chavez San Jose, CA     Ingrid Nishimoto Ninole, HI
Anthony Chesto Thomaston, CT     Dianne Oswald San Jose, CA
Hank Clemente Hot Springs, AR     Marcia Paladino Medina, OH
John Coney Las Vegas, NV     Jean Peacock San Jose, CA
John Deeds Washington, DC     William G. Perry Cullowhee, NC
Norine DeGregori San Jose, CA     Robert Pless Cary, NC
Carla Dehmlow Glenview, IL     Libby Reid Yarrow Point, WA
Joann Della Maggiore San Jose, CA     Sondra Schutz Cary, NC
Shirley M. Driver Henderson, NV     Lloyd Sellers Kingston, NY
Ali Durmaz Cape Coral, FL     Robert L. Shields Cary, NC
Richard Engfer San Jose, CA     Patricia Skavdahl San Jose, CA
Edward Faltersack San Jose, CA     Paul Sladkus Brooklyn, NY
Adrienne Fields Washington, DC     James Smith South Williamsport, PA
Ray Fitch Sacramento, CA     Leslie M. Smith Cape Coral, FL
William Fligg Longmont, CO     Mac Speights Huntington, NY
Cara Frame Falls Church, VA     Robert Suggs San Jose, CA
Charlene Francis Edmond, OK     Elston Uoo Hilo, HI
George Francis Edmond, OK     Silas White Temple Hills, MD
Judy Friedman Peoria, IL     Michele M. Williams Cape Coral, FL
Dorothy Gentile Levittown, NY        
Lisa Gibson Plattsburgh, NY        
Sylvia Gillett Bellevue, WA        
William Glathe San Jose, CA        
Ray Gramarossa East Northport, NY        
Sueko Gushiken Honolulu, HI        
J. Elwood Haizlip Bellevue, WA        
Edris Harbeston Bellevue, WA        
Milton Hollander Staten Island, NY        
Marguerite Hyers Greenlawn, NY        
Solange Iglesias Campbell, CA        
Mary Intersimone San Jose, CA        
Bruce Jawer Rochester, MN        
Patricia Jones Houston, TX        
Judy Jorgensen San Jose, CA        
Sophie Keller La Habra, CA        
Susan Kliavkoff Issaquah, WA        
Lisa Krone-Schmidt La Mirada, CA        
Barbara Lambrecht Missoula, MT        
Milagros Lapid La Mirada, CA        
John Leach San Jose, CA        
Shirley Magruder Little Rock, AR        
Cathy Manley San Jose, CA        
Robert Mason Mercer Island, WA        
Janice Miles Redwood City, CA        
Ann Mirassou Los Gatos, CA        
Bobby Moorhatch San Jose, CA        
Shirley Murphy Whittier, CA        
William Muzyka Palatine, IL        
Charlene Nelson Apex, NC        
Inkyu Noh Buena Park, CA        
Richard O'Leary San Jose, CA        
Fumio Oshiro Hilo, HI        
Andre Pardon Kirkland, WA        
Anthony Paro Hilo, HI        
Teresa Patton Greenwich, CT        
Peter Payne San Jose, CA        
Jean Penn Beachwood, OH        
Don Polinsky Bellevue, WA        
Donald Renelle San Jose, CA        
Kathy Sagawa Hilo, HI        
Reta Sanders La Mirada, CA        
Patricia Skavdahl San Jose, CA        
R. Gayle Smalley San Jose, CA        
James Smith South Williamsport, PA      
Leslie M. Smith Cape Coral, FL        
Cora Spruel Country Club Hills, IL        
Langley Spurlock Washington, DC        
Supat Sripongsai Manchester, MA        
Robert Suggs San Jose, CA        
Linda Toomajian Long Beach, CA        
Margaret Trevisan San Jose, CA        
Judith Vangor New York, NY        
Tony Ventura Whittier, CA        
Sharon Wardman San Jose, CA        
Sylvia Watson Issaquah, WA        
Meta Weik Lafayette, CA        
Myrna Wetzel Fountain Hills, AZ        
Henry Whitney North Bethesda, MD        
Patricia Wilker San Jose, CA        
Katherine Williams Cary, NC        
Michele Williams Cape Coral, FL        
Valerie Williamson San Jose, CA        
John Wise Rochester, NY        
James & Carol Wittig Aiken, SC        
Allen Woolsey San Jose, CA        
Anne Young Stamford, CT        
Ellen Zamore New York, NY        
Jim Zaniello Washington, DC        
Ron Ziemba Chillicothe, IL        

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2013/2014 SeniorNet Donors



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