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SeniorNet Huntington Announces Homebound Remote Learning Project (Posted May 15, 2009) PDF Email
Computer Training for the Homebound

People seeking computer training have choices. While a classroom under the watchful eye of an instructor is usually the preferred choice, for the homebound that option was out of the question – until now.

The SeniorNet Computer Learning Center in Huntington is proud to announce the inauguration of its “virtual classroom” remote learning program whereby homebound students take live interactive classes on their home computers. The way it works is that instructor and coaches (in their respective homes or at the learning center) use special software to interact with homebound students through their computers via broadband internet connection. First, the instructor discusses and demonstrates a new task as students listen via headset containing a microphone, watch the lesson on their computer screens and ask questions. Next, students duplicate the task while coaches view the progress on their computers. Each coach can monitor up to three students on a split screen format. A coach noting a problem can talk to the troubled student and even take control of that student’s computer to demonstrate how it’s done again. Students are provided a written manual in preparation for the lesson and for use as review afterward.

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