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Google Tools and Options PDF Email
The popular search site, Google, has lots more to offer than just easy searching for information on the Internet.

If you need to convert measurements for a recipe just go to and type in the search box, for example, half a cup in tablespoons and click Search. Or, to calculate a monthly payment, type $1562 divided by 12 (or 1522/12).

If you click the Language Tools link to the right of the search box, you can translate text in 20 languages. You can even set your search Preferences to find only pages for a specific language.

Click Images or Videos above the search box and type baby puppies and click Search and you’ll see some cuddly results!

Type your street address, city and state and click Maps above the search box to get a map of your street. Then click to get directions to or from your location.

Google also has other useful products. Go to and look in the left column at all of the options for searching, including Froogle for shopping.

Click Pack at the bottom of the right column to download a package of free software (most for Windows XP). You can select just the software you want. Among the choices is Picasa, a program which lets you instantly find, edit and email, or put on the web, all the pictures on your computer.

Google Earth puts a globe on your computer that lets you point and zoom to any place on earth. Google Desktop provides full text search over your email, files, music, photos, web pages you've viewed, and more.

Explore and learn more about all that Google offers!
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