Two “Old Birds” Took Over KRAFT’s Social Media

Written By: Kim Hong - May• 02•12

KRAFT hired two octogenarians to manager social media for two days in honor of KRAFT's 75th anniversary!

To celebrate KRAFT’s 75th anniversary, they handed over their social media duties to “Frankie and Dottie,” two octogenarians who’ve been eating mac & cheese for 75 years. Frankie, 87, and Dottie, 86, were in charge of managing KRAFT’s Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube for two days.

And here are a few things Frankie and Dottie did during those two days:

What is planking? (YouTube)


Sample tweets (Twitter: @kraftmacncheese)


Facebook updates (


It looks like this macaroni-loving duo had a blast with KRAFT’s social media channels. By the end of the social media reign, Frankie described the experience as mind blowing and heartwarming. She especially liked having all those nice young ad agency people hanging around her California home. [Source: Today's THV]

How do you feel about social media? Could you do what Frankie and Dottie did for KRAFT? Do you think they did a good job?

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