SeniorNet Dallas on YouTube: Courageous Seniors Join the Social Media Revolution

Written By: Kim Hong - Mar• 26•13

I was blown away by SeniorNet Dallas’ “Slice of Life” video on YouTube and was compelled to share it with everyone! During the 6-minute video, volunteers share their personal experiences with students who were once fearful of computers and technology, and students also talk about what encouraged them to take their first steps into the digital age. The students express how they were able to overcome their deepest fears with the help of friendly volunteers who were patient and willing to take things step-by-step at their individual pace. SeniorNet volunteers are dedicated to educating and empowering older adults.

I contacted Jay Rydman, the SeniorNet volunteer who helped produce the video and uploaded it to YouTube, and asked him a few questions about the organization.

Q: How long has SeniorNet Dallas been around?

A: SeniorNet Dallas has been around for about 17 years.

Q: Who should sign up for SeniorNet classes?

A: We encourage anyone who wants to learn more about how to use computers and the digital age to sign up for classes. You can see what we offer on our website

Q: What is your most popular course?

A: Internet and email is our most popular course. We introduced courses on the iPad and iPhone last fall and they have been popular.

Q: Why did you decide to become part of SeniorNet?

A: About 20 years ago my parents wanted to learn how to use the computer and I wanted to help them.  My mother gave up trying to master the mouse but my dad kept at it. I discovered quickly how one who helps seniors with computers needs to have gigabytes of patience. But seeing eyes widen and some “a ha’s” along the way made it rewarding for me.  So when I became a senior and wanted to do something volunteer wise, I looked for a place where I could work with those who had yet  to discover how to use and control a brand new world.

As a social media enthusiast, I commend SeniorNet Dallas for producing such a telling video and sharing it on the Web! SeniorNet students are encouraged to extend their computer knowledge by becoming volunteers and coaches after completing their courses. As a matter of fact, the current President of SeniorNet Dallas was once a student in 2008!

“I discovered SeniorNet in 2008 after finding an ad in our local newspaper about a Digital Picture class.  In my closet, I had an unopened digital camera still in its original box and thought to myself ‘it’s about time to open the box and learn how to use it!’  So I attended the Digital Picture class and learned a lot of new skills, and had so much fun that when the next Digital Picture class was offered, I volunteered to be a coach.  I ended up coaching several classes and found that each time I did, I learned something new as well.  In 2011, I was asked to join the board of directors and assumed the role of President in 2012, a role I will hold again this year.  Not only this but I have graduated to teaching classes, something I never thought I had enough computer skills to do. ” – Gloria Meyer, President, SeniorNet Dallas.

For more information about the Dallas location, visit today!

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