How Do You Know if There is Spyware on Your Computer?

Written By: Guest Contributor - Mar• 29•15

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Today we gonna talk about some symptoms and how to tell if  there is Spyware on Your Computer .

if you notice the following things happening on your computer, make sure that your computer is infected and a spyware is installed , and you need to fix the problems as soon as possible before it is late:

  • Your computer suddenly seems very slow when opening programs or processing tasks (saving files, etc.).
  • You are subject to endless pop-up windows.
  • You are redirected to web sites other than the one you typed into your browser.
  • New, unexpected toolbars appear in your web browser.
  • New, unexpected icons appear in the task tray at the bottom of your screen.
  • Your browser’s home page suddenly changed.
  • The search engine your browser opens when you click “search” has been changed.
  • Certain keys fail to work in your browser (e.g., the tab key doesn’t work when you are moving to the next field within a form).
  • Random Windows error messages begin to appear.


How Can You Prevent Spyware from Installing on Your Computer?

To avoid unintentionally installing it yourself, follow these good security practices:

  • Don’t click on links within pop-up windows. Because pop-up windows are often a product of spyware, clicking on the window may install spyware software on your computer. To close the pop-up window, click on the “X” icon in the title bar instead of a “close” link within the window.
  • Choose “no” when asked unexpected questions – Be wary of unexpected dialog boxes asking whether you want to run a particular program or perform another type of task. Always select “no” or “cancel,” or close the dialog box by clicking the “X” icon in the title bar.
  • Be wary of free downloadable software – There are many sites that offer customized toolbars or other features that appeal to users.
  • Don’t download programs from sites you don’t trust, and realize that you may be exposing your computer to spyware by downloading some of these programs.
  • Don’t follow email links claiming to offer anti-spyware software like email viruses, the links may serve the opposite purpose and actually install the spyware it claims to be eliminating.

How Do You Remove Spyware?

  • Run a full scan on your computer with your anti-virus software – Some anti-virus software will find and remove spyware, but it may not find the spyware when it is monitoring your computer in real time. Set your anti-virus software to prompt you to run a full scan periodically.
  • Run a legitimate product specifically designed to remove spyware – Many vendors offer products that will scan your computer for spyware and remove any spyware software. Information Technology recommends using Spybot Search and Destroy. This software can be downloaded for free at this website:



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Free software

Written By: Guest Contributor - Mar• 24•15

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Today I picked for you some free useful software for your PC ( Desktop or Laptop) or even for your tablets, I hope you like them.

1- Apache OpenOffice

Everybody knows MS office by the giant Microsoft, we love MS office, we edit our letters, correspondence, using Microsoft Word, we also love to make calculation and statistics and charts thanks to the famous Excell and also making stunning presentation thanks to PowerPoint, etc …

But we don’t like the price of this wonderful MS Office which is a bit expensive.

Don’t worry There is always an alternative, free, great features almost the same as Ms Office:

Apache OpenOffice


oppen office


What is Apache OpenOffice?

Apache OpenOffice features six personal productivity applications: a word processor (and its web-authoring component), spreadsheet, presentation graphics, drawing, equation editor, and database. OpenOffice is released on Windows, Solaris, Linux and Macintosh operation systems, with more communities joining, including a mature FreeBSD port. OpenOffice is localized, supporting over 110 languages worldwide. was donated to the Apache Software Foundation (ASF) on June 1, 2011. As with any code base brought to to the ASF, underwent incubation before graduating to a top-level project on 2012-10-17.

A lot of good information canapp be found on the Apache OpenOffice user portal, including a brief history of

You can download and enjoy Apache OpenOffice for free, what you said for free? yes for free without paying any penny

here is a Video showing  Apache OpenOffice VS MS Office:




Download Appache OppenOffice  here



2- Best free Antivirus 2015

 360 Total Security

If you’re looking for a standalone antivirus package then 360 Total Security might seem a little overweight. It provides antiphishing support, online shopping protection, network threat blocking, hard drive clean-up tools, a Windows update checker, and more.

This feature overload does make for a relatively complex interface. It’s not always easy to operate, and if you run into problems there’s no significant documentation to help.

Still, what makes the suite interesting is that it uses no less than four antivirus engines. Install it and you can be protected by Bitdefender technology (an excellent commercial engine), Avira (probably the best of the free offerings), and two further engines of Qihoo’s own.



Avast Free Antivirus

While free antivirus software won’t cost you anything to download, you might sometimes find you’ll pay in other ways. Install Avast Free Antivirus and it’ll also equip your PC with Google toolbar, unless you’re paying attention and clear the relevant checkbox.

The advertising doesn’t stop there. By default Avast Free Antivirus scans for “performance issues” (junk files, unnecessary apps) as well as malware. It then displays any problem areas in a banner, but won’t fix any of them unless you buy Avast’s GrimeFighter.

Fortunately you don’t have to live with this. Avast Free Antivirus has an excellent interface – it’s clean, clear and configurable – and in just a few clicks you can set it up to avoid the pointless GrimeFighter scan.

Seniornet blog


AVG AntiVirus Free

If you’ve ever wondered why security companies give away free software, AVG AntiVirus Free gives you the answer. They’re a great marketing opportunity, and the program comes with a host of ads, “Go Pro” buttons and website links which try to persuade you to upgrade.

Still, AVG AntiVirus Free does at least spend most of the time out of sight, running in the background, so this may not matter very much. And the program does have other compensations.

An excellent scheduler automatically runs scans at regular intervals, on certain days of the week or month – maybe when your system boots. It’s just as easy to schedule program and definition updates, ensuring these won’t tie up network bandwidth when you need it most.



Full article: Techradar

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Best 3 iphones apps for this week

Written By: Guest Contributor - Mar• 24•15

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Today as usual every week with new best three androids and iphones apps

this week with iPhone apps and we have picked up:

1- Nutshell Camera

Instant mini-movies with text and animation.

screen568x568 (1) screen568x568


Take three pictures. Add some captions. Choose your graphics. And let Nutshell Camera turn it all into a short animated video you can share instantly on social media like Facebook and Instagram.

“This Clever Video App Tackles One Of The Biggest Problems Of Modern Filmmaking”
– Fast Company

“The 5 Best iPhone Apps of the Week”
– Time Magazine

“Nutshell from Prezi may be your new favorite iOS photo app”
– SlashGear

Combining the simplicity of photographs, the spatial context of video and the fun of animated graphics, Nutshell Camera uses our new storymapping technology to turn any moment into a custom-made visual vignette that’s shared easily and instantly.

Besides creating fun social media updates, Nutshell Camera opens the door for all sorts of unique messaging opportunities when videos feel like too much of a production and plain photos just aren’t adequate for capturing life’s moments.


• Library of free animated graphics that you can use to create short cinematic stories
• Instant sharing to Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
• Send nutshells directly to friends via Email, Text messages, and WhatsApp
• Full camera support for iOS 8.0 and aboveDownload here

2- Timeline – News in Context

screen322x572 (1) screen322x572


Timeline puts today’s news in context. Our award-winning editorial team creates original, meaningful and media-rich content that connects past to present in an intuitive and immersive experience. Timeline is advancing the way we consume news, providing essential historical context that deepens our knowledge of the forces that shape the present.

Key Features
* Get today’s news, in context. Scroll through its history to understand how the news got here
* See the timeline view to move quickly through a story and read what matters to you
* Discover and explore stories based on your unique interests
* Bookmark your favorite timelines and view your entire reading history
* Share timelines instantly via Twitter, Facebook, Email, and SMS

Download here

3- My Widgets



Thanks to this application (and the other Widget apps from PacoLabs), you can now customize the Today view of your device, by adding custom widgets for some specific purposes.
From anywhere in your device, with a simple top to bottom swipe, you’ll have access to your own information and actions.

Add various widgets for your different needs.
You can, for instance, add a calendar that will display the current month and the busy days.
You can add an audio note that will be played and recorded quickly.
You can add your horoscope, a photo of the day (from the internet), some photos of your choice, some clocks and more…
The application contains some free widgets like the Note widget allowing you to quickly view and edit some text notes and reminders and the Decision widget allowing you to randomly choose one item among several choices.
Each other widget type can be tried and can be unlocked separately.
You can also unlock all the current and future widget types at once, if you are a widget addict !

Download here

That’s all today  with  the best three apps for iphone and ipad for this week.

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Until that time enjoys your gadgets.

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Best three android apps for this week

Written By: Guest Contributor - Mar• 08•15

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Today as usual every week with new best three androids apps

we have picked up for you this week:

1-QualityTime – My Digital Diet



QualityTime is a fun, visually engaging and easy-to-use Android app that allows you to monitor and get real time reports on how much time you spend on your smartphone and on your favorite apps.QualityTime offers a unique and in-depth analysis of your phone usage. The app provides the ability to curb your habits by setting your own time restrictions like ‘alerts’ and ‘take a break’ actionable features to help you manage and control your usage when needed. You can also connect to the Internet of Things (IoT) to set alerts that tell you when you are overusing your phone!If you create a QualityTime account, you will be able to see detailed device usage history for up to 6 months, and the usage information will be securely backed-up in the Cloud.

Download here



2-KineMaster – Pro Video Editor


KineMaster – Pro Video Editor


“KineMaster brings powerful video editing to Android at last” – TNW( has been featured by Google Play in more than 100 countries!! ***Are you looking for a professional-grade video editing app for your Android device? Look no further than KineMaster, the most advanced video editing app available today. KineMaster is the first and only professional video editor available for Android devices that is truly on par with any PC video editing software in terms of functions. The best part is, everything you need is in the palm of your hand! There’s absolutely no need to connect your phone to any external devices or servers for editing any longer.KineMaster features a multitrack video timeline that gives you the ability to drag and drop content as you wish. Import multimedia files from your phone or record on the spot and take advantage of KineMaster’s ample editing tools and transition effects to edit each clip. Cut, slice and splice your videos to create the perfect combination of clips, and use any of KineMaster’s diverse themes, animations and visual and audio effects to add some extra dimension to your project. Once your project is complete, you have the option of saving in various resolutions, up to 1080p, as well as sharing your video with your friends and family on various social media sites, including YouTube, Facebook, Google+ and more.With KineMaster, you can create your masterpiece in your hand.

Download here


3-BeyondPod Podcast Manager



BeyondPod Podcast Manager


Play thousands of free audio and video podcasts from all over the world!With nearly 3 million downloads, BeyondPod’s streamlined interface and powerful controls give you
easy access to millions of audio and video episodes from small publishers like local radio stations to “big name” publishers like CNN, ESPN, BBC, CBC.• ACCESS hundreds of thousands of free audio and video podcasts from all over the world.
• PLAY your content everywhere – online or offline.
• CUSTOMIZE your playlist the way you like.

 Download here

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Resetting your passwords, enhancing your security

Written By: Guest Contributor - Feb• 19•15

According to the CM security website these are the worst password you should not have and must avoid because it is so easy to crack.



Check out the top 20 worst passwords, are any of yours in this list?


The iCloud flaw has resulted in hundreds of celebs having their accounts cracked and nude snaps leaked. Security issues like these may bother everyone from Hollywood stars to us. The CM Security Research Lab wants to remind you that creating a strong password is the easiest way to keep your private information safe in your devices.

New demands in digital era

The more complex your password, the harder they become to crack. Using a flimsy password just enables your juicy secrets to get stolen easily. Research[1] shows that an 8-characters-long password containing numbers, upper and lower case letters can be decrypted in 41 days. However, if you increase this length from 8 to 10 characters, it would take 8 years to crack instead.

CM Security Research Lab tested that how password format and length affect decryption time:


In the digital era, people have become overwhelmed with having to remember so many passwords. To bolster your security, setting strong passwords is crucial however.

Techniques for setting passwords

A short simple password in an ordered letter combination is the easiest situation for hackers. They can break them really quickly. Here are some easy-to-follow tips for setting passwords:

1.Long and complex is always best.
The random combination of numbers + letters + symbols makes passwords incredibly strong.

2.Use info that’s secretly special to you.
Try a sentence from your favorite poem or songs. Use different passwords for different accounts.

3.Add particular web info to your different accounts passwords.
We recommend you set different passwords for different website accounts. However, it might be easy to forget them. How about adding site names into the password? For instance, passwords for ebay: “ebay”+”bluemysz378”; passwords for twitter: ”bluemysz378”+”twitter”.

4.Replace letters and numbers in your own way: a→@; s→$; 1→!

Source: CM Security



Best three iphone and ipad applications of this week

Written By: Guest Contributor - Feb• 19•15

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Today with the second week of the best three applications  for iphones and ipad of this week



Tripnary lets you collect all the places you want to see and plan your next adventure. Easily create your travel bucket list. Share it with friends. Update it obsessively. Compare airfares to every place on your list in one tap. And go!

Download here

2- Hopper – Flight Research & Predictions


Save up to 40% on your next flight. Hopper analyzes billions of flight prices daily to predict how prices will change, and tells you when to buy your tickets.



Download here


3- TiltShift Video – Miniature effect for movies and photos


TiltShift Video gives you all the editing features you need to turn your videos and photos into awesome tilt-shift creations. *
Universal app, optimized for all the Retina displays.

you can watch video samples by clicking on the picture



Download here

Alright by this we are done with the best three apps for iphone and ipad for this week

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Watch Cyber attacks live

Written By: Guest Contributor - Feb• 12•15

Watch Cyber attacks live

Hello everybody today we brought you a very good websites that allow you to watch cyber attacks live

Watch this video.



The first website: Click here

The second website: Click here

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best three android applications of the week on SeniorNet blog

Written By: Guest Contributor - Feb• 10•15

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Today we provide you best three applications for android phones of this week

1- TouchRetouch

TouchRetouch is an award-winning photo editor that allows you to remove unwanted content or objects from any photo, using just your finger and your phone. Mark the items you want taken out of the snapshot and hit ‘Go’. That’s all there is to it. Photo editing has never been so quick, easy and convenient.

You recently got married on a beautiful Caribbean beach. Everything was so perfect. Luckily, you have a lot of memorable snapshots of the crystalline water and white sand backdrop of the ceremony, you and your new spouse silhouetted in the sunset, your guests under a palm tree, that nude sunbather that somehow got included in a shot taken during the exchanging of vows. Yikes! Before showing your mom those photos, take a minute to remove that accidental guest from an otherwise great picture. Open your TouchRetouch app. Using your finger, select the Brush or Lasso tool to mark what you don’t want in the shot, then hit the ‘Go’ button. Okay, you’re done and it’s now safe to share your picture-perfect memories with everybody.

TouchRetouch isn’t just for exotic or wedding photo touch-ups, of course. Use this easy yet ingenious application on any photo, newly snapped on your phone or taken from your gallery. Remove those wires that are in the way of an otherwise wonderful view, take banners off of buildings, get rid of people, eliminate spots and other imperfections. All without distorting the final image.



Download TouchRetouch


2RAR for Android

RARLAB’s RAR for Android is an all-in-one, original, free, simple, easy and quick compression program, archiver, assistant, extractor, manager and even a basic file explorer.


RAR for Android can create RAR and ZIP and unpack RAR, ZIP, TAR, GZ, BZ2, XZ, 7z, ISO, ARJ archives. List of functions include repair command for damaged ZIP and RAR files, benchmark function compatible with RARLAB’s WinRAR benchmark, recovery record, usual and recovery volumes, encryption, solid archives, utilizing multiple CPU cores to compress data.  Additionally to standard ZIP files, unzip function supports ZIP and ZIPX with BZIP2, LZMA and PPMd compression also as password protected ZIP. Unrar command is available for all versions of RAR archives including the latest RAR5, password protected and multipart files.

If you wish to help us translating RAR to your language, please download RAR for Android language files in “RAR extras” section of and follow instructions in readme.txt. Thank you.


Download RARLAB’s RAR 

3-Google Gesture Search

gesture touch

Gesture Search lets you quickly access contacts, applications, settings, music and bookmarks on your Android device by drawing letters or numbers. It continuously refines search results as you add each gesture, and becomes better as it learns from your search history.



Download Google Gesture Searc

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A smartphone dongle for diagnosis of infectious diseases at the point of care

Written By: Guest Contributor - Feb• 10•15

This work demonstrates that a full laboratory-quality immunoassay can be run on a smartphone accessory. This low-cost dongle replicates all mechanical, optical, and electronic functions of a laboratory-based enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) without requiring any stored energy; all necessary power is drawn from a smartphone. Rwandan health care workers used the dongle to test whole blood obtained via fingerprick from 96 patients enrolling into care at prevention of mother-to-child transmission clinics or voluntary counseling and testing centers. The dongle performed a triplexed immunoassay not currently available in a single test format: HIV antibody, treponemal-specific antibody for syphilis, and nontreponemal antibody for active syphilis infection. In a blinded experiment, health care workers obtained diagnostic results in 15 min from our triplex test that rivaled the gold standard of laboratory-based HIV ELISA and rapid plasma reagin (a screening test for syphilis), with sensitivity of 92 to 100% and specificity of 79 to 100%, consistent with needs of current clinical algorithms. Patient preference for the dongle was 97% compared to laboratory-based tests, with most pointing to the convenience of obtaining quick results with a single fingerprick. This work suggests that coupling microfluidics with recent advances in consumer electronics can make certain laboratory-based diagnostics accessible to almost any population with access to smartphones.


Article source: sciencemag


Phone control

Written By: Guest Contributor - Jan• 22•15

Ten signs you may be addicted to your smartphone

Watch the video


1. When you check your phone to see the current temperature instead of opening a window, and/or when you check your phone to see the current time instead of looking at the watch that’s right on your wrist. (I just did this!)

2. When you have to consciously say to your spouse “Let’s put our phones away” while watching TV because it’s more common that they’re out than away.

3. If you are answering emails in a dimly lit reception area while waiting for your massage therapist to destress you, you may have a problem. (OK, I’ve done this too!)

4. When your kids have to text you their carry-out orders because you’ve lost the ability to retain information that is not received on your phone.

5. When you hope you hit a bunch of red lights on the way home so you can comment on a Facebook post.

6. When one of your daughter’s first drawings of you has a BlackBerry in your hand.

7. When you wake up, you grab your phone and check it before you get up to pee.

8. When you drop a phone on your face because you’re dozing off.

9. When you choose your clothing based on the best pockets to hold your phone.

Source: CNN