How To: Untag Yourself in a Facebook Photo

Written By: Kim Hong - Jul• 06•12

“Untag Me” – Photo Credit:

If you receive a notification from Facebook that a friend has just added/tagged a photo that you don’t like or you don’t want your friends to see (for whatever reason), you can easily untag yourself so that it does not appear on your Facebook Profile. Simply follow these instructions:

1. Login to Facebook and click on the “notifications” button/icon located at the top of the page. (Hint: icon is the world/globe image located at the top left of page)

2. Click on the notification containing information about the photo you were tagged in. If you do not see the notification, click on “See All Notifications”.

3. Once you find the right notification, click on the photo link and it will redirect you to the taged photo.

4. At the bottom of the photo, click on “Options” and select Report/Remove Tag.

5. A pop-up window with a list of options explaining why you want to remove the tag (i.e. I want to remove this tag, it’s harassing me, etc.) will appear. Select the appropriate one and click ”Continue.” Voila! You have successfully removed the tag from the photo and it will not appear in your Facebook Photos.

However, to avoid this in the future, I highly recommend updating your Privacy Settings so that if someone tags you in a future post, you have to Approve it before it is posted on your Facebook Profile.

To learn how to review posts/tags before it is published on your Facebook Timeline, click here.



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