Health Questions #2

Written By: Guest Contributor - Sep• 23•13

Can Vitamin C Help Breakdown Phlegm And Ease Acid Reflux??

Vitamin C would increase your immune system which would help in the breakdown of phlegm. Vitamin C may help a little bit with heartburn but the best thing you can do for phlegm is reduce intake of phlegm producing foods (wheat, dairy, sugar). Same thing for the acid reflux, which is usually caused by an imbalance in stomach acid (alcohol, coffee).
Keep in mind that if you get your Vitamin C from citrus fruits, it can further exacerbate acid reflux.

I Feel Irritation In My Throat Due To Acid Reflux. What Should I Do?

For acid reflux you generally want to prevent it from happening. It’s usually caused by an imbalance in stomach acid where it travels up the esophagus. You should avoid these things 30 minutes before a meal and 1 hour after a meal.
coffee – even decaf
spicy foods
fatty foods; deep-fried – margarine
You can also take a little bit a mint to help ease the esophageal pain.

Does Oil Pulling With Coconut Oil Help?

Most definitely! Oil pulling helps draw out the bad bacteria in your mouth. The sort of bacteria that it pulls are the ones that cause
-Tooth Decay
-Bleeding Gums (Gingivitis)
-Bad Breath

What Is The Difference Between White Tea And Green Tea?

White tea and Green tea are both derived from the same plant, Camellia sinesis. As a matter of fact, all teas come from the same species of shrub, black, red, white and green. The difference between them does not lie in their harvesting, but in the method of fermentation. Green tea is the only tea that is not fermented. White, red and black teas are fermented, white being the least fermented and black the most. The fermentation process develops flavour but it also reduces nutrient content such as the amount of l-theanine found within the tea and other nutrients and secondary compounds such as antioxidants.
Although white teas are a great source of antioxidants, no tea can compare to the antioxidant benefits of powdered matcha (which is made from tencha a style of green tea). The most beneficial variety of matcha is ceremonial grade, which is shade grown to increase not only l-theanine content in the tea leaves but also chlorophyll – which provides matcha with is bright green colour.

How do we get the benefits of dried Lion’s Mane?

Lion’s mane has numerous health benefits – especially the elderly. It has been shown to provide a protective function for neurological effects, including delaying alzheimer’s. Lions mane comes in mushroom form and can be cut up and put in a dish, or can be purchased in powdered form to be put in your favorite tea.

What is a good alternative for tarragon in a recipe?

There are many options for tarragon alternatives. Chervil is a popular substitution. Additional options for tarragon include: basil, fennel or dill.

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