Health Questions #1

Written By: Guest Contributor - Aug• 23•13

Is It Ok To Eat Cabbage Before Bed?

Eating anything before bed has it’s downsides, even if it is something healthy for you like cabbage. When your body goes to sleep your metabolism slows down and your body does not process the beneficial components as quickly. It can also negatively impact weight loss (or just maintaining a healthy weight) – granted cabbage does not have that much fat in it, but it can throw off your eating habits which can result in an unhealthy lifestyle.

Are Vitamin A Foods Good For Eyes?

Vitamin A is vital for eye health. It won’t help in improving eyesight over-time – which is a common misconception and propaganda that was spread by the allies during WW2 (fun fact). However, Vitamin A is an essential component in preventing certain eye degeneration and in the development of eye nerves.

Do Sesame Seeds Cause Acid Reflux

Acid reflux is primarily caused by an imbalance in stomach acids, most commonly due to low stomach acid (which seems counter intuitive). Sesame seeds are alkaline, where when they are consumed enough can potentially lower the pH level of stomach acid. The resulting low stomach acid will allow the acid to then travel up the esophagus causing acid reflux.

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